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About us

About us

Hengam Gold Trade was established in 2010 with the investment and efforts of a group of experienced traders and with the help of specialists and experts educated in the country and abroad in the field of agriculture. Relying on experienced and knowledgeable technical forces in agriculture and environment and with the aim of participating in the sustainable development of the agricultural sector, the company has started its activities and the preservation of the environment and sustainable development, along with improving production in the agricultural sector is always the main goal. Put its trade and commerce.

One of the unique policies of this company is to solve problems in the field of various issues in the agricultural sector, including: plant nutrition, pest and disease control, as well as the introduction of cultivars and seeds that are compatible with the country's climate, so that The use of these inputs, with minimal environmental damage, to achieve maximum performance per unit area. Other priorities of the company are providing technical advice and conducting field tests, which have been done before introducing each product in the environment and have also been welcomed by farmers. The basket of goods and products offered by this company has a gradual growth that with tact, study and thinking has been achieved and continuously, the company's products are being reviewed, so that the best and most up-to-date products can be offered to respected farmers at a competitive cost.
In order to decentralize and present products in different parts of the country, using the existing potentials, different warehouses in different parts of the country have been taken over and also in order to control more and provide more advice to farmers, to hire experts. Residents have taken action in different areas.
Important goals of the company:
• Help produce a healthy product and maintain community health
• Help improve production and improve the living standards of farmers and producers
• Healthy and constructive competition in the supply of quality agricultural inputs
• Preserving and protecting the environment for a better and healthier future

Agencies :

Exclusive representative of Morera Spain products

- Exclusive representative of BioGreen products

- Hengam Gold Trading Company, importer and supplier of fertilizers, seeds and agricultural inputs

No. 49, Third Floor, Unit 36, Abazar Intersection, Ayatollah Kashani St., Sadeghieh Sq., Tehran

Phone: 8-02144032696

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Bandar Abbas, Vahdat Boulevard, Vahdat Alley 11

Tel: 07633346380

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Email address: info@tthengam.com

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